About Character Lab

Angela is a co-founder of Character Lab, a nonprofit whose mission is to advance scientific insights that help kids thrive. Its researchers, designers, and educators work together on two related aims:


Character Lab makes scientific insights accessible through online Playbooks and Tips of the Week. Playbooks are written by experts on specific character strengths. Each includes a curated set of evidence-based resources, including recommended curricula, videos, and books. Each Tip of the Week contains 60 seconds of actionable advice that is fact-checked with the scientists whose work is highlighted.

Research Network

The Research Network is a consortium of schools and scientists working together to make school-based research fast, frictionless, and fruitful. Our infrastructure reduces the time from “good idea” to “scientifically-tested insight” in half, from more than a year to six months or fewer. Character Lab shoulders the legal, logistical, and technological burdens that typically fall to scientists and schools. And we bring scientists and educators together to develop and iteratively prototype activities that will lead to scientific insights that help kids thrive.

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